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4 months of viral ileitis?

Hey everybody! I'm new here and wanted to share my story.

Constipation, fatigue, and a "nervous stomach" have been my life stuggles. In college I started experiencing fissures and an external hemorrhoid or two. I would occasionally ask my family doctor about it and he'd suggest more fiber/yogurt/probiotic/etc.

Last summer I started struggling with uncomfortable bloating and two cases of seemingly random diarrhea. I was planning a wedding and under the worst stress of my life. He referred me to a GI doctor.

In December I had an upper endoscopy for suspected celiac. Negative. I was diagnosed as IBS. At that time I also went off of an antidepressant (helps with anxiety) because I am trying to get pregnant.

In January I caught a stomach virus that went around my office. Most people had a bit of diarrhea. I was in the worst pain of my life: diarrhea for hours that turned bloody. Vomitting on and off for hours. Diarrhea for another 2 days. I lost 9 pounds in one weekend. My stomach hurt for an entire week before I felt normal. My eyes were bloodshot for an entire month. A week after the virus hit, the diarrhea came back (no blood) and I went to my family doctor. Stool testing showed inflammation only - no infections.

Because of the bloody diarrhea the GI doc wanted a colonoscopy. He saw erosions and the biopsies came back as focal active ileitis. The only area affected was the ileum.

The doctor told me that he isn't giving me a Crohn's diagnosis yet because it MAY be the result of my virus from January. Has anyone else had a virus hang on this long? I'm not experiencing diarrhea anymore, but BMs always hurt (they always have, this is my normal). Meanwhile, it has been suggested that I get life insurance now and we'll do a capsule endoscopy in May.

So that's me. Has anyone had a similar story?
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Hi there and welcome,
I suffered many episodes like that over the years and was diagnosed as having diverticulitis. I took meds but often put it down to what I ate when I was really unwell. Eventually suffering severe pain, I was diagnosed as having Crohns. Hopefully, it could be what you are told as bowel conditions take ages to settle. Do not worry and discuss all your concerns with your Consultant. Get well soon.
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Totally agree with talking to your GI about your concerns. Would also ask what symptoms should prompt a sooner repeat evaluation (increase in diarrhea? abdominal pain? blood?).
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