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Crohn's Disease

Hi. I am suffering Crohn's from past 6 years. And i am not taking proper medication. And now i started medication seriously. I am 5'8" and 105 lbs.
And it differs between 100 to 105 lbs. Can anyone please help me to increase the weight. Any Gym exercises are also welcome.
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Hi Sravan,

Please don't ignore your medication, Crohn's will hunt you down one day and the only way to save yourself from serious health implications is to be on regular medication. Once the condition aggrevates you will be prescribed with very strong medication that has very bad side affects, in order to avoid it start using proper medication now.

Regarding weight loss, try to take easily digestable proteins, exercise to keep yourself active and most importantly, remember that Crohn's is more a condition that can be managed.

All the best.
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Thanks for your post. I had blood bleeding twice. First one was stopped automatically without any treatment. The second time I stayed in hospital for a week. They had put a clip at active hole from where the blood came out. With that fear I started serious medication. The only thing I should avoid is taking Milk directly. I can consume milk products like cheese, yogurt etc.

I am planning to do exercise to build up my muscle. Do you suggest any good exercises and High protein food?
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A protein powder may help some. If you can find a consultant, Arbonne makes a fantastic one. 100% vegan, made with pea protein which is easier to digest and sweeted with cane sugar so a diabetic can also use it. There is chocolate and vanilla flavours. I love them, they taste awesome! That may help you to gain back some weight

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