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Humira and azathioprine..good combo?

Last week at the doctor I was informed that I had developed antibodies to remicade after only 3 doses. They said Humira is a last option for kids but I'm almost 17 though really hoping humira works. Immediately thoughts like 'will I ever go to college' 'will I get a chance to truly fall in love and get married' 'can I have kids' all started flowing through my mind and still constantly are. So, starting azathioprine to help prevent antibody build up and the humira every 2 weeks. Has anyone had success with humira and azathioprine? Does it lower your immune system super low since they both contribute to it? Any info is greatly appreciated.
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The combo of Aza/6mp with Humira is well known and believed to both prevnt antibodies to the biologic and get a better theraputic level. There are many on the form using this or a similar combo.
You will be closely monitored with regular blood tests to make sure the Aza is not too much on your liver, and, that you dont get too immunosuprssed by watching your WBC.

I can see why you are thinking about your futur with worry; I'd be lying if I said your thought has no foundations. I think they do. However, most likely it resonates in your mind and going out of proportion.
I am saying this since most Crohnies are able, one way or another, to do the things you said - study, find a job, raise a family. This is so to speak "a normal life".

For most of us there are better and worse times, and from time to time when things get nasty, we are "out of the game" for a while. You get used to that us much as you can and move on.

Best advice I can give you, now that I said it all, dont bother yourself. Get it One Day At a Time. Small baby steps.

Take care and I hope you feel much better soon

Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Humira and azathioprine..good combo?
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