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HELP! its 3 a.m. and i need advice

First time posting on here but I've been checking out this forum for some time now and I could really use some advice. I had surgery 2 and a half years ago where they remove an 18 inch section of my colon and drained a very large abscess. I'm sitting here figuring out what I should do and anything you can offer would be much appreciated. I recently (within the last few weeks) have been starting to feel really drained and just not myself. I just got a promotion at work and have been working more hours and have been more stressed out ore than usual, which i anticipated, but it's worse than I thought it would be. I have absolutely no appetite and on the off chance I do feel hungry I get full extremely quick, like I eat half of a sandwich and I'm done. The scar from my surgery is starting to get itchy and the skin around it feels looser than usual (like there's nothing attaching that layer of skin to my muscles underneath) and this afternoon I looked in the mirror and I think I have a spot on my back where the skin is swollen a bit, not red or irritated in any way just swollen a bit (but it may be my mind messing with me lol). I've been taking humira every 2 weeks but with the promotion i missed sending in the forms to get coverage for it through abbvie patient assistance so i missed this weeks shot already. I'm still waiting to hear back from my G.I. to see if I can get in there before the weekend.
So I guess what I'm asking is
1. Should I wait to hear from my G.I. or should I just head to the E.R.?
2. Is there ANYTHING over the counter I can to help me in the meantime?
3. Or anything I can have my G.I. write me a script for?
I really appreciate any kind of advice you throw my way and I apologize for this being so long lol
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You dont mention any fever, chills, pain, etc.; if you are not suffering my guess is that the ER will send you back home ...

My advice is to see your GI or even GP ASAP. Call them, let them know your situation. A blood work will be a good idea if you havent done already in the past 6 months.

Try to slow down for a few days. Have some rest. Do some breathing exercise. The pressure is not doing any good to you, according to your post. You health is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than any promotion or job. Keep that in mind.

Hope you feel better soon
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There were a couple of nights in the last week that I sweat quite a bit while I was sleeping but it was usually gone by the time I woke up and the times I did take my temperature it was fine. I have an appointment with my G.I. tomorrow morning at 8:30 so let's hope something good can come of that, I will keep you posted.
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How did your appointment go?
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Sorry it took so long for me to reply. My G.I. checked me out and said that, from the outside at least, he doesn't think there's anything major but he wants me to get blood work and a CT scan to be sure. He put me on Lialda as well which i was taking for a while when I was first diagnosed but I stopped because I didn't feel any difference with it but now that I am back on it and i still don't have my humira it just gives me diarrhea like crazy! Does anyone else take Lialda and if so, how's it working for you??
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Glad you got to see your G.I.. Please keep us updated on how things go.
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