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Did a fast taper cause a flare up?

I've been on prednisone since early december, I had a hard time tapering off of it and started Imuran and Humira in February, since then I've been on a slow taper from 15 to 10 and my doctor recommended going down by 1mg a week, I was feeling better and my crp was very low so I decided to go down by 2mg until I got to 10. By 10 I wanted to try 5mg to see if I could handle the jump. By that afternoon I felt so nauseas and sick I went back up to 10, but since then(last week) I've been nauseas, dizzy, and have been having a lot of flank pain. I'm not having much stomach pain, so I'm not quite sure if it's inflammation. Could one day at 5mg have caused a flare up? Could it be an adrenal issue?
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It could be an adrenal issue because under 10 is the bodies natural level of cortisol so below that you are relying on your body kicking into action. I would stay at 10 for a while and if it goes away it may be an adrenal issue. If it gets too much worse I would really consider going to emergency. Adrenal crisis is nothing to mess with.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Did a fast taper cause a flare up?
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