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Questions about Humira

I am most likely going to have a go on Humira in the next few months, but my parents and I have heard it is a really nasty drug and so we are hesitant. Should I know anything specific about it? Are there other options for me besides this drug? Has anyone tried and been successful with just a diet?

I really appreciate your help! I am a newbie to this whole thing, I was diagnosed in July of 2014.

Thanks again,
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There are scary side effects to every drug but most of the time people don't experience those. Humira has helped many people. I think diet in conjunction with medication is the best plan for health. Diet alone is usually not sufficient or sustainable.
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DS has been on humira for two years and remicade before that .
He is 11. He was dx at age 7.
He uses diet in combination with humira to get the best results.
No issues with humira or remicade.

Try reading the warnings on possible side effects of tylenol including infant version
It can cause liver failure and death but families give this to children daily since the benefits of the drug far outweigh the risk .

Good luck
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On Humira myself. No notable side effects other than hives initially. In clinical remission at the moment although I have developed antibodies against the drug so I'm now taking it weekly.

I'd advise you not to take the leaflet inside the Humira box too seriously. The side effects listed are quite lengthy and go from minor to extreme and some do sound quite frightening. I would read it but keep in mind some of those may just have occurred in very few people.

PM me if you have any questions at all!
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