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Monsanto Lawsuit Links Glyphosate/Roundup Targetting Enzymes in Gut

Many people have long suspected these herbicides, like Monsanto's glyphosate or Syngenta's atrazine, have possible links to many common chronic illnesses and reproductive organ malformations and hormonal disruption--even the autism epidemic. They are both found in virtually all public water sources and foodstuffs. To assert that there needs to be more scrutiny put on such pervasive pollutants, and particularly the supposed "safety studies" done to gain approval, is a no-brainer.

Any attempts to reign in untouchable mega-corporations--whose executives frequently go back and forth between the revolving doors that link the heads of the EPA and Monsanto, for just one example--can only bring about good.

It is obvious, after watching the questionable fate of many of the just-label-GMOs state initiatives, that corporations like these have the financial means, government collusion, and media control necessary to artificially modify public opinion (why not our bodies?) if they so choose, with total impunity.

In 2012, Syngenta agreed to pay 105 million dollars after a class action lawsuit...Monsanto might deserve a day in court for any/all possible health effects of glyphosate exposure and groundwater contamination. The following website may hopefully get the ball rolling...

"Monsanto/Roundup Class Action Lawsuit

Monsanto claims that Roundup targets enzymes supposedly found only in plants -- not in people -- but this is blatantly false.

The truth is, Roundup targets enzymes found in both plants AND people -- specifically in our gut bacteria -- which are vulnerable to potent pesticides like Roundup.

Monsanto’s claim -- that Roundup targets enzymes "not found in people" -- is objectively false and inherently misleading."

Excerpt from -
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Question is; what can we do about it? My initial thought is; blom them up! If a monstrous company is responsible direct or indirect, for me suffering for several years along with millions of others, so that they can make more money. Well...then those kind of people does not deserver life.
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Monsanto is an insect living in the dark side of the global economic system. Individuals and companies aren't important. The economic system that allows and promotes their creation and growth, protects their existence (most noticeably via info manipulation and despotism) is the main problem.
I think companies like Monsanto can play a role indirectly in the future. They can promote the process' of the destruction of their promoter (economic system) although they don't want so.
I know this comment looks Hegelian but I'm not a hopeful man when it comes to 'humanity'... Humanity have been creating its anti natural habitat and suffering from it for so long. I don't beleive a major replacement in our economic system will be in harmony with nature.
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Gilles-ERic Seralini is the leader researcher in finding the truth about GMO's and pesticides. He's the only one who has been able to produce a 2 year study on GMO Monsanto's corn (which had to be done in extreme secret, otherwise the gvmt or university would have stopped his team). Here's all his research papers :

and this is his most famous research which had been republished :
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