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Humira: Dripping Blood in Stool

Hey guys, I started taking Humira in January of this year to treat a flare up. It worked pretty well, essentially taking away all my stomach pain. However recently I've noticed that if I have a second bowel movement in a day, it would be bloody. I have one or two anal fissures (I think that's what they're called), and I believe some of the blood is coming from there. I was just wondering if dripping blood while having a bowel movement is a side effect of Humira?

Other meds I'm currently on: Imuran
Background info: Diagnosed in August 2008
First flare up: September 2014
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not that I have ever heard of.
Humira is suppose to decrease inflammation and stop the bleeding.
Keep close eye on your bleeding and I would contact your GI tomorrow....
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I bleed form my fissures sometimes and I'm on Humira. But the fissures would bleed before Humira, I see no correlation for me.

Is the blood bright red? In that case it's probably the fissure but it wouldn't hurt to have it checked out.

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