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So I Just Fainted...

Newly diagnosed, just started on Pentasa today, 4 500 mg caps per day. Took my second dose this evening and after doing some reading on here of some peoples' experiences and having a strong emotional reaction (as I know I'm prone to panic attacks but I don't usually faint), I blacked out on my bed. I woke up dizzy and sweaty, ears ringing, but I'm overall ok. My fiancé was here to help me but he and I are both very worried. Can Pentasa cause fainting or did I just have a bad panic attack? Being newly diagnosed it's been taking an interesting emotional toll so it's entirely possible that this is just a panic attack, as I'm not seeing much about Pentasa and fainting on the Internet. I have a childhood history of breath holding spells and subsequent fainting but I have long since outgrown that. Anyone else black out like that?
Can you spell jejunoileitis?

Crohn's disease of the small intestine (jejunum and ileum), dx April 2015

Current Meds: Cimzia 200mg injections every 2 weeks, Dexilant, Lamotrigine

Past Meds: Sulfasalazine 500mg 2 tabs 3x/day, Pentasa 4,000 mg/day (4 500mg caps 2x/day), Apriso 0.375 g (4 caps 1x/day)

Do we share this uncommon presentation? If so, feel free to shoot me a message.

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