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The constipator foods?

I know rice and bananas are big time constipators. Right now I am flaring big time so I am trying to keep to as soft or liquid as possible. Banana oddly enough seems to irritate me even though I only eat it when its extremely ripe. Does anyone else have that problem?

Also, how does rice sit with everyone? I hear its great for stopping the diarreah but it hasn't worked for me, and I am still unsure whether it does irritate me. I hope it doesn't because otherwise I really can't tolerate any solids.
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Shantel isn't that so weird? Every book on crohns says a BRAT diet is great during a flare.

B - Bananas

R - Rice

A - Applesauce

T - Toast

Bananas do constipate me but they hurt and burn, applesauce creates pain no matter how smooth, and i wouldnt dare touch toast now because it is hard and bread seems to not work well.
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My doc told me the Bratt--Banana, Rice, Apple, Tea & Toast. Same thing but with tea.

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I'm from the U.S. and I am a male. I am glad to hear ensure works well for you, I have been using ensure 3x a day for weeks but not sure it sits well with me.

Also, only the high protein and high calcium are fiber free, the others have fiber and could irritate during a flare. I think if I sip the ensure slowly I am ok, same with eating just slow slow slow and chew chew chew like a baby and I am ok otherwise major pain, cramps, bloating.
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Here is a list from my Nutritionist


for protein
LOw lactose milk and milk products
Soybean milk products such as ensure, sustacal, resource
Soybean ice cream: tofuti

cereal and bread group

refined grains and cereals: white bread, cream of rice or wheat, spaghetti, white rice.

fruit and vegtables
cooked vegies, especially carrots, squash, beets
apple sauce
peeled apple (if i ate an apple it would put me in the hospital but everyone is different)

Miscellaneous Group
Fruit-ades, gatoraide, pedialyte


protein Group

regular milk and milk products
Beans, Legumes and nuts
fried meats, chicken, fish

cereal and bread group

Whole grains and cereals
whole wheat bread,bran,cracked wheat, granola

fruit and vegtables

fruits w/skins and seeds
raisins and dried fruits
raw veggies
skin of baked potato
Gas forming veggies: cabbage, onions, cauliflower

miscellaneous group

Fried snack foods
rich gravies, sauces and desserts

Hope this helps.
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why avoid fish? its very anti-inflammatory if you eat the right ones, but does it cause D?
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Hi. The advice from different professionals is inconsistent. I was told that grilled chicken & white fish are relatively safe. I find it difficult to pin blame on any particular foods because sometimes I can eat something & I'll be ok & other times it'll try to kill me!!! At the moment I am struggling with the D but I have only been eating plain mashed potato, soft white bread, scrambled egg. I think this disease has a mind of it's own. I would love to be able to regain some control using diet but all of the usual 'binding' foods don't seem to be doing the trick for me. Sorry, that probably wasn't much help was it?
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This is what makes this disease so frustrating. Bananas are my comfort food - eat them no problem but can't do rice or lots of bread.

I find it helps to keep a food diary. I eat same thing for bfast every day (I know, yawn) but it has helped me isolate what foods bother me at other meals.

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