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Infliximab/Remicade or Humira

Hi everyone,

I'm sure it's been asked a number of times but I just wanted to quickly get a few opinions on, given the choice, whether choosing between Infliximab and Humira is a big deal? My GI originally suggested Humira but I've ended up opting with Infliximab as I'd rather just come in and have an infusion done than administer Humira myself.

I understand that the allergic reaction risk is higher in Infliximab because it is mouse based (I believe?) but otherwise is there anything I should be considering?

ALSO, the only drug I've ever been on in my 10 years with CD has been Pentasa (which I stopped about 5 years ago and have been med-free until now) so what can I expect in terms of my food tolerance? I've been dairy/spicy/rich food sensitive mostly since diagnosis so should I expect this to continue even if Infliximab works wonders? I so badly want to eat normally again!!!

Thanks all!

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