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Three weeks ago I started taking BUDOSAN, 3 times a day. Now, Iím approaching the end of my treatment and was wondering what is the right way to quit using BUDOSAN? I know that quitting at once is not a ďgoodĒ choice. What do I do? Do I take the next 5 days dose 2 times a day and then the next five days 1 a day? What is the usual procedure? You might be wondering why am I not asking this my doctor. Unfortunately, he is on a symposium and I canít get a reach on him. And his replacement didnít strike me with much confidence.
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Your best bet is always your drs office.
Otherwise try calling the pharmacist or drug maker.

Good luck


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Like I said before, my doctor is not available at the moment and his replacement said to me that he canít give me any advice because itís not his field of expertise!? Iíve tried the drug maker and the pharmacist, but both said to me to ask my doctor. Iím spinning in circle, and no one wants to give me any piece of advice!
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I finally received answer from someone competent in that area of expertise.

It is recommended to reduce the standard treatment dose of 3 capsules Budosan per day for one week to 2 capsules a day, and then to one capsules a day for another week.

I hope this will be of help to anyone in the future. However I would also advise you to speak to your dotor about it.

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