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Seasonal Inflammation Responses discovered

Scientists finally figured out why you rarely get sick in the summer

I was wondering if anyone notices any seasonal fluctuations with their IBD as well, if our bodies are more likely to produce certain inflammatory responses during certain times of the year, how it would affect IBD.

I can say that the majority of my worst flares have happened between October and February... my first one being the odd one out and occurring in the summer but when I was travelling.
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I haven't noticed a seasonal shift but others have reported that allergies affect them and that anti-histamines make a difference.
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I started to be sick in the summer in July of 2001 and got diagnosed on 9/11 2001 . I took a x-ray barium test in the morning, saw the planes crashing and in the afternoon the radiologist calls me and urged me to see a GI because she saw IBD. at that moment, I was very sick, but it had probably started slowly in the spring though. and actually, all my relapses have started in the summer to culminate in the fall. so i really dont fit the above theory...
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This just popped up on pubmed.
No seasonality for UC, but yes for crohns, worse in summer.
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Thanks Old Mike , I feel more ''normal' now ;-) I definately fit the CD seasonal pattern found in this research.
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Whilst I was at school and university I would usually have a flare around September time. I'm not sure if it was a seasonal thing or just due to the stresses of going back to school/uni. Since I left uni I've been in an epic 4-year flare up which started very suddenly in July 2011 (11 months after leaving uni) and hasn't varied much with the seasons.
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These findings need to be normalized to account for changes in dietary intake over the course of a year.
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I've always thought it was change in weather, but yes, my flares always seem to be in November or February.

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