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Accredo Problems

Hi everyone - my Humira prescription comes from Accredo and I'm having trouble with them. My insurance recently changed and it has been a huge nightmare getting everything changed. The problem isn't the new insurance, actually, it's the fact that four people have told me it's been submitted when it never was. I've been waiting three weeks - talking to them all along for updates. They just don't seem to care, either. The CSRs are deadpan and just going through the motions - then getting it all wrong.

My new insurance is Humana - does anyone know of a way to get this filled from a different pharmacy?
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Just an update if anyone cares. My new insurance gave me a choice for pharmacies and I switched to Right Source. They got my prescription Friday afternoon late and are shipping today. I will have it tomorrow. Can't believe the difference in level of service. I hope this continues.
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Yay! I don't have any personal experience but I have heard bad things about Accredo
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I am currently on Accredo and had issues when I first switched to them. Unfortunately, I didn't have any other options for speciality pharmacies Things eventually sorted themselves out, but it was a nightmare at the beginning.

What I have learned over the years dealing with crappy customer service people is take down people's names and the date you spoke with them and a summary of what was talked about. Next time you call, quote names and dates you spoke with someone and what you talked about and that usually makes it clear to the person you are talking to that you mean business and will be citing their name next time you have to call in, so they better do all that they can to help you. It works 90% of the time, but of course you will run into that occasional person who just doesn't care to be very helpful. :P I'm glad it sounds like your situation was easily figured out. I miss my old specialty pharmacy, Diplomat!
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