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Humira- First Dose Tomorrow

I am supposed to have my first dose of Humira tomorrow and I had a few questions. I feel like I could be moving into this too quickly. I suffered for 7 years before I got a diagnosis. My GI at the time said it was "probably" Crohn's but it was mild so he put me on Questran (Cholestyramine packs). This stopped me from running to the bathroom and worked for about 1 1/2 years. I hit flare after having my daughter and did a few round of steroids. Now a year later I haven't been feeling well. I'm not running to the bathroom due to the Questran packs but the pain is back. New GI ran lots of test (blood, stool, CT Scan and colonoscopy) and said there is no questions I have Crohn's. He wants me to start Humira and my first shots are tomorrow.

I feel like I missed a step and because I'm not running to the bathroom so much I didn't realize the crohn's was so bad.

I will be talking with my doctor again before the nurse gives the shots. I've reached humira for over a month now and I'm just too scared to move forward. Are there other options?
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Unfortunately you can have 'silent' inflammation, which it sounds like you may have had and it is now rearing its ugly head. It is really important to treat it and Humira can do that.

There are other options before Humira if you're really opposed however most take longer to work. The most common is Imuran, an immunosuppressive medication. There is also 6-mp which is what Imuran Is converted to in the body. The downside is they can take 3-4 months to work and you would likely need to be on steroids again to bridge the gap, which isnt ideal. It is however your right to talk to your doctor about your comfort level with different meds and your doctors responsibility to give you all the options, even if it would be their first choice. All meds have side effects, Humira might seem scary as a biologic but risks aren't actually that high.

I would strongly recommend talking to your doctor about how you feel, why he feels you should jump to Humira, and if he thinks you may be a good candidate for some more 'mid level' drugs.
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Thank you for the guidance FrozenGirl! My GI doc and nurse are so great. They talked everything out with me and my nurse even said she has an auto-immune disease and that her quality of life improved tremendously since taking meds. I decided to try the Humira.
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Silent imflamation is very damaging over time. Have you had a C scope latley?

Humira sounds scaey due to the lawyers advice to CYA. I am not suggeting that there aren's possible sideeffects but the benefit greatly out weighs the risk.

H gave me back my life.

Best of Luck
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I did have another colonoscopy a few weeks ago and the Crohn's was worse.

I had a long talk with my GI and nurse and decided to try Humira. I had the first dose last Friday. It might be me... but I already notice a difference.

Really hoping Humira work work for the long run!

Thank you and best of luck to you!

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