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Moles / skin tumor on Purinethol / Imuran

I am awaiting my next GI appointment to show him a weird new mole which grew up on my V neck area. It very small, but is dark blue in color and bumpy from the inside (feel a mass under). Its been 2 pasts appointments I wanted to show him, but due to other priorities, I failed to bring that subject up.

recently, I met a long-time experienced esthetician who told me its looks and feel like a skin tumor and that I should have it checked by a dermatologist who would cut it.

as I was listening to the crohns and colitis seminar online yestreday the GI insisted that when we are on 6-mp and aza, we are at more risk to develop the skin tumors due to sun exposure. therefore his recommendation is to have our full skin body checked by a physician or dermatologist once a year when we take these drugs. I am not sure if this remains for life even if we stop taking the drugs. But i tend to believe we should. My ''mysterious mole'' appeared when I was not on purinethol. I was on another treatment at the time. But I had been 7 years on purinethol previously.

this mole is definately weird and sensitive too, I cant wait to have it checked by a dermo.
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Hi Lady Organic

Note I am not any medication.

I had a new mole appear on my neck, showed it to the GP. The GP said it was standard practice here to remove any new moles that appear after the teenage years.

I'm in Australia the skin cancer capital of the world.
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interesting, we prolly have same practice here. im sure they will want to remove mine as well.

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