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Humira journey began today

I began my Humira journey today, and I must say- all four injections were almost laughable! Yes, there is a bit of stinging and some soreness, but nothing like what I expected! I was slightly fatigued, but that's nothing as I am also quite anemic. Other than that, I've been going along as usual. I truly hope that this combo therapy (with Imuran) will be the relief I'm needing.

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That's great! I found the early injections easy - for me they have got more painful (but not terrible) which it seems they do for some. A girl who was also doing the injection training/loading doses at the same time as me found them absolutely unbearable - our bodies all respond so differently! No fatigue for me either but some do get that to an extreme. Anyway it's great that it was so easy for you and I hope the treatment works really well and gives you a long remission
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best of luck with the H. After 5 years + I can say it was life changing. I hope you have as good results as I and others here have had. Personally, I don't think the injections are a big deal.

Best of Luck, Mike
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