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Good outcome after a resection??

I'm 30 years old and just had a baby a year ago. Been on imuran and remicade but finding im having obstruction symptoms more frequently. My doctor is talking recsectioning since meds aren't helping 100%. I'm looking for some support on good experiences with a small bowel recsectioning? I'm terrified and only seeing scary negative things online. Thank you.
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My resection was in 2011 due to fistulas and I was problem free for a few years. The risk is adhesions, which are scars from the joints. Sometimes foods can bind to them and cause an obstruction.

Ultimately I isolated what foods do this and have cut them out of my diet. Unfortunately no two crohns patients have reactions to the same foods. FWIW I found that processed cheeses were causing my problems, which is found in many restaurants and processed foods like freezer meals. Deli/block cheese from the store were fine. I can no longer trust restaurants because even "safe" cheeses like swiss could be processed, which has landed me in the hospital.

One of the potential side effects of inflammation is obstruction. My piping would get inflamed with certain foods. Crohns can cause your immune system to attack friendly foods. Again no two patients suffer from the same foods. It is a (albeit painful) trial and error process to isolate the culprits. Once I identified these and controlled my diet, I was a lot better.

Have you talked to a GI about diet? A bland diet has helped to ease my piping when it has problems.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » Good outcome after a resection??
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