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How do I recognize a fistula?

Hello everyone
So 3 months ago I had a perianal abscess.. I discovered it a bit late.. I had pain but only noticed the lump a few days after and I went to see a surgeon who asked me to come the next morning and drain it at the ER but that morning the abscess burst on its own so I didn't go to the doctor but I started antibiotics (ciprofloxacin) and then I was good

But A week ago i noticed a small painful lump that was close BUT NOT in the exact same place of the previous one.. It was a bit further towards the inside.. The first was a bit on the exterior away from the anus by a few centimeters but this was closer although on the same side..

Does that mean I have a fistula or usually a fistula will make an abscess at the same exact location?

I remember i wasnt so well cleaned after a bowel movement..i noticed the next day after that movement.. And later that night i suppose i felt that painful lump (the 2nd abscess) Could this be a reason for an abscess formation? Or I should suspect a fistula?

One more important note i am not diagnosed with Crohn's but I used this forum because O know such symptoms occur alot for those who has got Crohn's
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I don't remember any symptoms when my fistula developed. I was having a flare-up and it wouldn't respond to medicine. When they investigated further they found the fistula with ct scan. I have had flare-ups before and there weren't any symptoms I hadn't experienced.

The key thing is "stitch in time saves nine". Don't wait for help if having any serious issues. I waited too long and I think that contributed to fistulas.

Crohn's Disease Forum » Surgery » How do I recognize a fistula?
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