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Can anyone tell me if they are taking the combination of Humira/Mercaptopurine? I have been on Humira since 10/14 and have felt so much better. After my most recent colonoscopy, my doctor tells me the Humira isn't working as fast as he would like and he started me on the Mercaptopurine as an added medication.

I am really nervous after reading all of the side effects of this drug. Can anyone give me any insight of what to expect?

My labs are still elevated for inflammation and he mentioned possible surgery if the meds don't start bring the C- reactive protein down. I have had 2 previous surgeries already- Not looking forward to another!

Any info is greatly appreciated!

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I was taking 6 mp and humira for two years recently they stopped the 6 mp because of liver problems I don't think the liver problems where from 6mp but rather hep c

The combination worked well for me and I have serve crohn's most of my life.

I noticed no side effects when taking 6mp (mercaptopurine)

Hope it works for you
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I was started on 6-MP in October along with Infliximab. I had bad reactions to the Infliximab and was changed over to Humira in December. Together they have both been very good to me and I haven't had and reactions that I have noticed. The unfortunate thing was that my stricture was scaring so had surgery on May 4th. Had to stop the Himira because of the surgery and am hoping to restart it once I see my gastro specialist at the end of July. This was also my 3rd surgery not including getting my fistula sorted out.

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