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Date for pre op assessment

Today I had the date for my pre op assessment through for my colostomy, it's on 20 July. Hopefully the op won't be too long after that. Now things are moving I'm getting a bit nervous, but just keep reminding myself that my stoma will be the key to getting my life back again. After a year of having to stay near the bathroom I'm ready for it! The one thing I want to do is to try and avoid a stoma related hernia, does anyone have any advice for me on this please? I presume I won't be able to wear any kind of belt following surgery as things will be too tender, but what about the knickers or boxers with slight support like they have at Comfizz? Has anyone tried them? I've had a few surgeries for hernias in the past and now have lots of adhesions and I don't know if they will removed some of them.

My last surgery was emergency and so I had no time to prepare. All my ascending colon and about 7ft of small bowel was removed and I was left incontinent as the spincter in my anus was damaged and pretty useless!

Should I be doing some stomach muscle exercises now?

Sorry for all the questions but I feel a bit lost right now!
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I'm not sure about wearing belts after surgery. I've not had a hernia but doctors have warned me I might because my stoma is always prolapsing. Their only advice was to avoid heavy lifting and to be careful when coughing and sneezing. Do you have a stoma nurse yet? They will be the people to go to with questions like this.

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