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Humira loading doses

Hello all, I've had my two loading doses of humira next single dose is due in just over a week,so far they have had no effect on my symptoms. I know it can take three months to reach its full effect but should I have had some positive effect from it by now, has anyone got experience of this and it starting to work? My ibd nurse seemed to think it wasn't an issue and scheduled an appointment for 3 months time but I feel Like the nurse is just going by the book that it takes three months when I have read on this site that people feel the benefits in the loading period. Currently taking aza as well after steroid and iv steroids had no effect. Anyone's experiences are very welcome
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Don't give up mik118811. Humira is a long term commitment - The fact you are taking steroids indicates to me you are having a bad time with Mr. Crohn. I'm on Imuran now besides Humira too. I was hoping to be only on Humira instead of being a toxic pharmaceutical dump. It was hard to tell when Humira started working but I still feel some crohn's systems. Some lucky souls go into remission for a long time - not to be for me.
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I also want to say don't give up. I went on Humira 2 1/2 years ago and I started showing results at about 2 months. After my last surgery in 2007 I spent about 2 years not leaving home very often due to the diarrhea. I was seeing a Physician's assistant during that time and nothing was really helping me. I finally told her I wanted to see my Gastro Doctor and he put me immediately on Humira and I finally was able to have control back and was finally able to have my life back. Unfortunately my Crohns now has gone into the small intestine and doctor took me off of Humira and trying Entyvio Infusion. I just had my first infusion yesterday so not sure how it will go yet. Good Luck to you and I hope that the Humira will help you. Also I am taking Imuran.

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