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I have had crohn's disease for about 40years and had some large and small intestine removed about 25years ago. The operation removed the blockage but left me with permanent diarrhoea which is controlled by codeine phosphate (if I'm lucky). At last, a helpful pharmacist suggested that I try taking methylcellulose with only a small drop of water to get it down. I understand that this works by absorbing water which hopefully would give me a sporting chance of getting to a toilet. Does anyone have experience of this please ? Should I take it every day or just when I think I am going to need some security. My biggest fear is that it may cause a blockage . I do have a problem with any meat that is the slightest bit tough. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Fiber supplements can be beneficial in some IBD patients. good bacteria digest soluble fiber. methylcellulose is a type of fiber, psyllium husk is a soluble fiber and has shown some benefits for people with IBD. no guarantees here though. it can take a few days to see benefits better give it at least w week before you see changes. look for any improvements but this is not a cure.
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Thank you Wildbill for your reply. I am still undecided about trying this medication. At the moment I think I might try half a tablet at a time and then go on to a whole one if nothing untowards happens.
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Psyllium husks have done great things for me, preventing and eliminating diarrhea.

Also look into polydextrose.


Short-chain fatty acid production—notably that of butyrate, isobutyrate, and acetate—increased with polydextrose ingestion. There were substantial changes in fecal anaerobes after polydextrose intake. Bacteroides species (B. fragilis, B. vulgatus, and B. intermedius) decreased, whereas Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species increased.
Conclusion: Polydextrose ingestion had significant dietary fiber–like effects with no laxative problems.
Optimum nutrition makes a supplement called 'fitness fiber' that contains multiple types of prebiotic resistant starches / fibers including polydextrose, psyllium husks, inulin and some others that could be beneficial for Crohn's.
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Thank you . I will look into that.

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