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Ileostomy reversal

Well the surgeon is reversing my ileostomy Tuesday. I was just wondering how long is the hospital stay usually?
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I wish you a speedy recovery.
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If it's straightforward, you may well be home within a week. They'll probably want you to have a bowel movement before they discharge you, so they can see everything's working as it should, so it may depend on how quickly your digestive system gets going. Other factors like your general state of health also come into it. Complications delay things, obviously. You can always ring the hospital department or your surgeon's secretary and see if they can find out something more specific for you.
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Good luck Brad!! Hope all went well today!! I just had my reversal on 7/3 and was in the hospital 4 days. Most was laparoscopic but they did use the stoma opening as another access site leaving me with a 4" horizontal incision. Stay was originally planned for 3 days, which was feasible, but I had a low grade fever one day so they kept me longer to test for infection (all was fine- thank goodness).

A couple of things I'm going though currently:
1. Shockingly I'm more sore from the reversal than the first surgery. It's not terrible but I just came off pain meds yesterday.
2. Still waiting for BM's to return to normal. I eat a small amount of food and then 4 hours later spend about every 15min on the throne.
3. No appetite and feel full. With my stoma I was eating like a cow and getting my weight back. Since my surgery I've had about enough food combined to make one or two meals. Doc said it's not out of the ordinary so I'm hanging tight.

Best Wishes
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Thank you so much. I decided to wait to get it reverse might just keep it permanently. And to just do the full colectomy
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I do have a end ileostomy so u didn't know if the reversal would be different. My surgeon released me to go to work but my job doesn't know because it's a lot of lifting and hard labor. I work construction so there giving me a hard time at the moment. I have been off for two years. And I'm finally healthy and crohns is still ruining my life

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