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Certain foods making you sick - undiagnosed?

Hey guys,

It's been a long time since I've been on the forum. I was under investigation for Crohn's last year and then when my bowel finally obstructed, they determined that I had adhesions, most likely caused by a previous abdominal surgery in 2005.

Anyhow, I think I just found a cause to the chronic inflammation I've had over the years and while I can't verify it completely yet, it's worth a look into. It's apparently rare, but I think I fit the bill.

I noticed a few weeks ago I got the sulfur burps, for the first time in about 30 years and it was after eating fried eggs with the egg yolk still being runny. I've noticed that I have a sensitivity to bananas ( on its own makes my stomach feel odd, but not seriously ill), carrots and especially lettuce (usually in a wrap or burger) can make me feel nauseated and give me bad wind. Anyhow, what's the correlation? Sulfur and sulfites. It can make you sick if you're sensitive to it. I forgot I couldn't eat lettuce and I had a wrap tonight while waiting in a McDonalds (I typically don't eat anything except the fries from McD's.) Anyhow, I'm not celiac. I have a mild gluten sensitivity, but I generally HAVE NO ISSUE and have already done the elimination diet for gluten. Sulfur on the other hand...I've determined I can eat eggs if it's the white, or if the yolk is fully cooked (ie in an egg sandwich where I've boiled the egg to death and mixed it with milk, margarine salt, pepper and slapped it between two slices of bread). So, just in case people aren't sure why random foods are making them sick, it might not be so obvious. I couldn't figure out for years why suddenly a single beer would make me queasy and now I realize it was probably a lager.

All the people last year were really supportive of me when I was going through the stage of "what's wrong with me" and nobody could answer it. This might be the reason I kept getting re-inflammation. So, for me, it's a case of learning what foods I should totally avoid and that list may expand from beyond lettuce, half-cooked yolk, too many bananas and carrots (beer has been off my menu for years). Every BODY is different...and we're all trying to figure stuff out. Best of luck to you on your journey!
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Glad you've found some relief! I started my food diary, finally. I'm only about 6 months behind on it. :/ However, I can say that I don't change my diet often and that may or may not be the culprit. I have noticed, though, that because I don't change my diet often, it has not occurred to me why I am sometimes tolerant and other times intolerant of the same foods. Beer, especially. Most times I drink it with no ill-effects (always the same brand), rarely I'm in the bathroom all morning the next day. Lately, I have had A LOT of sour stomach/heartburn and have been eating a lot of Tums, but I believe that is due to the latest antibiotic they've put me on more than anything else. I am also currently in the midst of a flare, so that's probably not helping.

I'll keep up with the food diary, though.
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I have a problem with coconut - ever since I can remember. Even the smell makes me wretch - suntan oils in the '70s, shampoos, etc. So I never eat coconut knowingly. I read labels, etc. I can detect coconut oil even if it is the last item on the ingredients label. Anyway, come to find out that I have been eating lots of it in ice cream. Any chocolate pieces, coatings, etc. in ice cream have coconut oil to change/soften the texture (plain chocolate frozen will crack a tooth!). Apparently I can't detect it cold??? Anyway, after 2 surgeries for bowel obstructions/strictures/scarring, I'm no longer eating mint chip and other fave ice creams, and hoping that will help me keep from scarring up. I did test allergic to coconut and tree nuts. Food for thought..

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