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Joint Pain

DH has had Crohn's many, many years. Sent to IU Med Ctr in March. Gastro said Humira was no longer working, switch to Cimzia. Before he could start Cimzia, had infection, Kidney stones, joint pain, multiple hospitalizations. Finally got Cimzia loading doses behind us and his first maintenance dose is later this month. The joint pain is the issue now. During one hospitalization for high temp, infectious disease doctor said she thought that while Humira might not have been treating Crohn's any longer that it might have been warding off Crohn's Arthritis. Rheumatologist didn't agree because of high temps DH was running, but no infection could be found any where, so infectious disease more or less dumped us on rheumatologist. Joint pain cleared up with IV steriods and DH had not had any further joint issues until last week. Now ankle is very painful. Contacted rheumatologist and she ordered steriod taper...not helping...and now since DH says there is no increase in pain with range of motion, she says it's not arthritis and he needs to contact one of his other docs. Dumped again. He does have kidney issues and is retaining fluid...rheumy says fluid could cause pain. During night pain started in his neck. He has numerous health issues and we are always told, "he's complicated"...yeah I get that, thanks, but he is in pain. Tylenol does nothing, cannot take ibuprofen and even Vicodin is not helping.

I see other posts where Crohnnies speak of joint pain and am wondering if someone would describe the type pain you have? Specific joints? Worsen with movement? DH's hurts worse when he walks, but moving the actual joint, as in flexing, does not worsen the pain. Any experience with Crohn's and joint pain anyone would be willing to share would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Joint pain has always been one of my major issues. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis of the sacro-ileac joints at age 14 or so. I've had it in most of my joints at one time or another. Sometimes almost crippling, other times just annoying. This latest Crohn's flare up I had really bad shoulder pain. They actually send me to PT. I think it helped some, but ultimately I think the massive amount of prednisone is what made it go away.

Joint pain and Crohn's are a hard combo, since NSAIDS are the common treatment for joint pain-but make the Crohn's worse. I think that probably contributed to my flare up this time. I was taking a lot of ibuprofen.

I wish I had some actual answers for you. Hang in there.
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Hi i have crohn's and joint pain mainly in my shoulder joints but also elbows,hips and knee's. No pain killers have much effect, iv not had ibuprofen as im told it may well affect my crohn's. My gp has given some ibuprofen gel that i can rub on, that gives me a bit more relief. It may help ? Good luck and best wishes. Mandy (uk)

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