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Crohn's Disease

I have been recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease at its initial stage having just 2-3 light symptoms.
I have started off with medicines and Steroid as per my Doctor's prescription which are hardly working on me.
But as I have heard that Crohn's is incurable.
I would like to know whether I can get completely cured of Crohn's or not.
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Hi hirenshah,

Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately there is currently no cure for Crohn's but there are treatments that help many. It is a case of finding the right treatment that works for you and working with your doctor to monitor your disease activity to make sure that undercontrolled disease does not do permanent damage - no matter what your symptom level. Sometimes we can have few or even no symptoms but inflammation is still going on inside that will lead to serious complications.

Initial treatments are often steroids, as you have been put on, or a liquid diet to induce remission. Most people also need to introduce a longterm maintenance medication to keep them in remission and to stay healthy.

You say that the steroids are hardly working on you. What dose are you on? Has your doctor been rechecking your inflammatory markers? What does your doctor say about your lack of response?

Not everyone will respond to steroids and may need additional medication or treatment to get to a healthy state.

Though Crohn's is not curable, the aim is to relieve your symptoms, get you feeling healthy again and make sure there is no unseen inflammation.

Lots of luck! Please let us know how you go!
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Acually its been just 2 weeks I have started off with steroids.
I have to visit my doctor by next week.
But I just wanted to confirm , will steroids make me feel normal .i.e. will it help relieving me from irritable stomach or it just reduces the number of visits to the Washroom?
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Welcome hirenshah. Sorry about your diagnosis, it's definitely not easy.

Unfortunately the answers to a lot of your questions are it depends. Everyone responds to treatments differently. I have absolutely had times of my life where my symptoms were pretty much under control and the Crohn's didn't affect my life. I've then gone off meds and had long periods of remission.

Hang in there with the steroids. They can be brutal, but they usually do help. Sometimes it can take a little while though.
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Thanks a lot buddy.

Were on any special diet along with the medicines and steroids or were there any food stuffs which u used to avoid in order to reduce the symptoms ?

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