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Depression, Anxiety and Crohn's

I'm 17 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 11. I had a very severe case, my specialist hadn't seen anything like it. I also have a twin sister who was diagnosed with it, and took the medication Pentasa, which gave her kidney disease. She developed this late last year as we were both entering our final year of school, which was tough to say the least. As a result, our doctors have been struggling to find alternatives, and I'm extremely cautious about side effects because of what happened to my sister.

I've got 10 weeks of school left and it's all over. I'm super, ridiculously stressed out however. I have special provisions for my exams and assessments, but the exams are the least of my worries. My best friends have drifted away from my sister and I as a result of our many absences from school, and I think they're sick of supporting us when they don't see how the illness effects us. They think I pick and choose when to come in to school depending on what subjects are on, which just isn't the case at all. I'm also struggling to make it into work, both my sister and I are, which isn't good when we both work on the same day and call in sick.

Without sounding cocky, I'm intelligent. Despite being absent for more than half the year, I'm topping almost every class and am extremely proud of my results, even my teachers are shocked. Yet, it doesn't feel like this means anything, at the end of the day, I don't see myself with a bright future. I can't see myself obtaining a job which I can turn up to everyday, and I can't see myself dealing with the stress.

My anxiety over new medications is what makes this worse. I reacted terribly to one medication when I was 12 and developed pancreatitis. For my sister to now be struggling for the rest of her life with two diseases because of a medication, I freak out when I see the side effects and research on the medication my doctors offer. On top of this, I'm dealing with figuring out my future, trying to cope with the demands of school and work, trying to please my friends and also find happiness.

Does anyone know of any herbal treatments perhaps? It's just all so overwhelming.
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Have you tried making change to your diet (like cutting out gluten, processed food, refined sugar, etc)? It really helps some people.

Have you tried meditation? It is proven to help deal with anxiety. And anxiety often makes our symptoms worst so it could be good for your mental AND physical health.

Have you tried probiotics?

Have you tried working out? Some studies suggest that exercice can help manage IBD symptoms.

I wish I could help you more but I'm 40 and I'm struggling with similar issues. You're still young, though, and you have plenty of time to figure out how to be more at peace.

Just a quick word on future jobs: have you considered choosing a line of work where you could work mostly from home? Like Web Designer, for example. Lots of IT jobs give you the opportunity to have a successful career while working at your own pace.

You do sound very smart. I'm confident you'll find something that works for you. I wish you the best of luck.
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Hi Gsmurf,

I am 25 now. Was Diagnosed with Crohn's at 18. I was still studying then.
When I was diagnosed, my parents thought of withdrawing me from my prestigious college (I am also intelligent like you). But I held on & managed to complete my graduation (though with not that good grades).

I was also afraid about future, whether I will get a job or not.
Its been 3 years since I am working now. I currently in a good job with handsome pay.

What I mean to say is Don't worry about future. Just work towards your goal. At times, it may get tough but keep your cool. Good times are waiting round the corner.

I don't know much about Herbal treatments. But you can practice yoga & meditation. It will definitely help.
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BTW listen to the lyrics of this song:
T.I. - Live Your Life [feat. Rihanna]
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Thanks for sharing your stories, I do feel much better. I'll definitely have a go at meditating!
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Hi and welcome.

I know how tough if is to be diagnosed with severe Crohn's at a young age. I missed so much school every year that spent every summer in summer school trying to catch up.

Medications were limited back then and nothing I tried really worked for very long. After numerous surgeries I ended up in long deep remission; scopes and blood work clear. My remission lasted 20 years.

Given what you and your sister have gone through I think anyone would feel the same.
Discuss the anxiety with your doctor and look at getting some counciling. Don't just suffer. Crohn's is tough enough to deal with on its own.

Sending you both my support.
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Thank you so much for sharing!
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I think you will find university will be easy than school in some ways.

My eldest is 19. She has Crohn's Disease. She has completed she first year of university and is travelling overseas. She course is very hands on, so need to be at university four days a week. Travel time was 3 hr per day. So the schedule was hard.

My second is 18. Studying science. All of her lectures are on-line as well as live. She has her own issues and is finding university much easy than high school.

Don't rule out university just yet. Make sure you do apply for what your interested.

What state are you in? We are in Melbourne.
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