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Senior Year of High School and Crohns

I was diagnosed when I was twelve, I had one of the worst cases my specialist had seen! Anyway, this all happened one year before high school (in Australia high school is from grade 7-12). It's been crazy to say the least. From being told I'm attention seeking for informing my friends of my condition, to losing a part time job because of an intense flare up which eventually messed with my mental health, it's been difficult. After being notified that I'm attention seeking, trying to explain how the disease works and how it can effect you out of no where has been hard, although I've got new friends, I don't think they quite believe that a disease which doesn't show on the outside could make me so ill that I've missed half of my senior year.

People started taking it seriously only when I entered my senior year, my twin sister, who also has Crohn's, developed kidney failure from Pentasa. People stopped staring us down for being absent, but it's starting again, and I've only got 10 weeks left of school forever!

Not to brag, but I'm fairly intelligent, I've topped most of my subjects despite being absent for over half the year, but I feel lonely. I've missed out on a lot of the social side that comes with the final year of school, and after losing my first part time job in year 9, I developed severe anxiety over entering a new job. I got a new job last year, and I didn't notify them of my disease because no one was hiring me when I did, but now I'm ill, I'm getting in trouble for being slack, and I've got my final exams on my shoulders, with little support from friends.

I just want to know what other teenagers experienced in their final year of school, did you get through? Did people understand what you went through? Were you seen as attention seeking?

I can't wait to leave, but at the same time, I know I won't be able to attend university, or attain a decent job that will cater for my needs. I'm on Flagyl right now to get me through these next 10 weeks, but mentally, I'm just as drained as my body is from Crohns.

Thanks for reading!
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My daughter was diagnosed the summer before her senior year. She spent her senior year in incredible pain and so exhausted from the inflammation and side effects of her meds. The poor thing had a colonoscopy the day before her prom and a barium swallow test the day before graduation! We toured her university that Spring again while flaring but she got through it! Don't discount the Universities. She was able to get documents from her doctor and was able to register with disability services. She was allowed to leave class for bathroom breaks, take her tests with more time in testing labs. It can be done! We have also had to change her doctors four times to finally find the right team - gastro and surgeon - that have allowed her some quality of life. She took her second semester of college off for surgery and has been feeling much better since then. She is now able to hold a job and is looking forward to getting back to classes this fall! Please keep fighting for yourself - you can do it! Reach out and try to obtain all the help and knowledge you can to move forward in your future! Good luck!

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