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New to Forum - Questions about Meds

I have been in and out of emergency for two years about once a month with what turns out to be Crohn's/colits. Just told yesterday. I have been placed on predisone but would rather not take that if there is another option. From what I read lots of people have success with Remicade. I was given Rx for Buesonide but the co pay is prohibitve for me at $420.26. Does anyone know of a program to help pay for these expensive mediation? I am suffering from terrible anal rash and fatigue. I am 66 yrs old and this has taken two years to diagnois. My general Dr. started looking through numerous records dating back for over two years and found several mentions of positive active colits/Crohn's. No one apparently looks at test results. I was sent to a gastro. Dr who had blood work performed and it also showed positive however he wanted to continue to test me with another CT scan with contrast. I had one of those in Oct. 2014 that says active for colits. When I tried to contact him to see if he missed that report or why he wanted to do another CT I was told, by his nurse she would have him call me. I have not heard a word and so tried to contact them with no response. I am at my wits end. My bottom is so sore and burning I can hardly move so family Dr. gave me the above mentioned Rx. Insurance co pay is out of my range. I am in Co. so am considering cannibus oil, which is expensive but seems to have good results. I have already had colon rectal cancer, under gone surgery, chemo and radiation. I think that is why the Dr. had such a hard time diagnoising me. Any suggestion anyone out there has would be appreciated. I am at my wits end.
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Even with remicade
You still need a steroid to rapidly reduce the inflammation so it doesn't cause anymore damage.
Prednisone is cheap
While your on pred the docs tend to add a maintence med such as 6-mp/Aza or a biologics.
Biologics have a high price tag but since it's a procedure in the hospital vs prescription
It goes through your medical insurance so whatever percent you pay there and remistart covers most of it after that .
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Hi there, and welcome, Sorry you have had a difficult time. I do hope your doctor finds the right meds for you soon and you feel better. I use a cream ,the name I cannot recall just now, for that burning sensation. The skin can become inflamed with going so much. I hope you feel better soon. Let me know how you are doing.
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Welcome to the forum. I agree with everybody else. Prednisone will be the fastest, less expensive way to bring down inflammation. Remicade have a program to pay for what your insurance does not pay. I believe is called Remi-star. Make sure you get checked for what you called a rash, it could be fissures or fistulas. I hope you feel better soon.
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Welcome to the forum, sorry you are not feeling well right now.
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For the rash try an aloe baby wipe. I agree with you on the prednazone. In may I had 3 feet of my small intestine removed and after 4 different medicines I am trying Entyvio. Said it would take 20 weeks to work if it does. Looks like I won't be doing much for a few months. I hope you have better luck with you meds. Ask your DR about groups that will help with copay.
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Sorry you are going through this. Prednisone for a short while can work wonders.
Have you tried to also implement dietary changes yet? That made a pretty big difference for me. I have had one resection and am still on lots of meds including Budesonide, Remicade, Lialda and some other along with supplements. But the diet changes have made me feel better than I have in years.
Good luck and keep us posted.

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