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Newly changed diagnosis from UC to CD

Hi Everyone!
I'm new to CD as of my last colonoscopy just last week when is showed that my inflammation was more indicative to CD than UC. However, I have been diagnosed with UC for 7 years now and was doing fairly well on Azathioprine for almost two years of remission. Last September I started becoming severely fatigued and was experiencing lots of pain, which I put it off to being stressed. Than in November I went into a bad Depressive episode (figured it was stress related from my symptoms). In March I started having bouts of nausea and vomiting which got progressively worse until I was vomiting almost daily. My GI agreed that it would be good to investigate with an upper and lower scope. The upper endoscopy was clear but the colonoscopy indicated CD. As such my GI now wants to do a capsule endoscopy to look at the small intestines as he is concerned my N/V is related to CD of the small intestines.
Has anyone else experienced a change in diagnosis from UC to CD?
I'm going to have to change to a biologic either Humira or Remicade, and feedback?
Any advice on how to manage my symptoms? I'm still having n/v but not as often as I have Zofran, some diarrhea is now kicking in, blood and mucus often, abdo pain - especially after eating, and lots of weight loss! Plus still having issues with fatigue and pain which are getting worse still, but thankfully my mood has been surprisingly great thanks to the antidepressants and great support from friends and family.
P.S. - extra stressors include having to reduce my hours at work and maybe go off completely soon, and my husband and I were planning to get pregnant at the end of the year (but I have to be healthy first!)
Any extra support from others experiencing similar difficulties would be great!
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Yes, three weeks ago mine was changed from UC to crohns.
This only all started for me last year so I'm still very new at it all 😐
I'm in the middle of a flare at the moment, and started on prednisolone three weeks ago, along with 25mg of azathioprine increasing to 100mg if my weekly blood tests show I'm tolerating it.
They couldn't get the scope round to the terminal ileum last year when I had a colonoscopy due to me having a loopy bowel which wouldn't cooperate, so couldnt get biopsies from that area. This, coupled with the problem that the gastro department has had a few staffing problems, has meant I've seen locums until three weeks ago when I finally got to see the consultant himself. It was he who immediately said, due to a number of things, and without putting it in so many words...I'd been misdiagnosed and it's definitely crohns.
I've not experienced any weight loss but am very tired, have lots of bloody mucous, varying bowel issues, and most days moderate pain. My husband and family have been a great support for me, as have one or two friends, the others just don't get it at all and think it's just a bit of diarrhoea...probably what I thought too, until now!
Wishing you well Sar
Bunty x
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Sorry to hear about all the confusion with your GI office. Sounds pretty frustrating. As confusing as a change in diagnosis can be I'm happy to know that we can hopefully treat it more effectively. I'm also glad that my GI can't brush off my ongoing symptoms to IBS. I hope that things improve with the change in meds you have. I was on 150 mg of Azathioprine but this was stopped a few months ago (my GI thought the nausea may be related to it) but there was no change off it so I'm working my way back up to 150mg, currently at 100mg. They would like to start me on pred but they want to wait until after I get my capsule endoscopy. I think this may have contributed to the confusion in my diagnosis up until now. Prior to every other scope I had I was always placed on prednisone for a few weeks before it. I would hate to waste the capsule endoscopy by throwing off the results with prednisone, so I must wait in the mean time. Wish you all the best!
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in a small proportion of patients, IBD can exhibit features of both UC and CD, and flares can be different. Im in that group. sometimes i believe its possible to have both diseases, sometimes I believe it could be just another form of IBD. We just need to find another name for it! in any cases, pharmacological treatments are the same anyways.
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Good points Lady Organic,
I can't say that any of my flares have been exactly the same. Some have been just tons of rectal bleeding, others tons of diarrhea, and this one tons of nausea. Like you said symptoms will change to reflect where the inflammation is located.

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