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Dont Pass Go, Straight to Surgery...????

Not getting the $200 either.

2009 colonoscopy outed Mr. Crohn, who'd taken up residence either side of the ileum. I had the scope simply because, in the investigations that discovered I needed gall bladder out the insurance had approved it, though not needed for the gall bladder solution, being 46 years old I availed myself to the test.

Doc put me on Apriso, said he and his cohort docs found me amazing in that universal reaction to seeing my scope films was "how is this guy managing his diarrhea? I had no symptoms, nothing. For years.

Last year the arthritis started, the dermatitis in the hair and on the forehead followed. Finally, after getting the most fit Ive been ever preparing for a 25 year anniversary vacation, BAM, Mr Crohn wanted out.

Bleeding, pain, more time spent on BMs than time not in bathroom. Doc puts me on 20mg prednisone and 9mg entocort, no help. Thanks to reading here and elsewhere I unilaterally put my pred. up to 30 mg/day, doc added canasa suppository, and I felt mush better.

Had dropped from 172 to 158 pounds. Started adding weight, which of course includes a face I can rent ad space on now, and for the past week have felt great after 5 weeks of bad days and a cancelled vacation.

Yesterday I went on the rotisserie. Endoscope and colonoscopy.

The good news, no evidence of small bowel crohns
The bad news, quote, "your colon is a mess from a few inches above the ileum, through the turn and halfway across transverse....a big mess"

Polyps found all about, including one adenomas flat one in sigmoid area. So, doc sent me off to take our consolation prize family vacation for a few days saying stay on pred. and dont eat raw seafood but dont worry about anything else, have fun. Gave me a small pain RX even so I could manage a vacation with a smile

Then he said we will get patho from these polyps , we will do the TB test thing on next Monday and start Humira, and the worst, we may need to take away a segment of sigmoid and associated area, but hopefully it can be done with a "pull through" so that I can still poop from my center of gravity at least.

Im looking for folks whove had the pull through, especially if due to resection born of finding bad polyps growing amongst the crohns inflamed mess that is our collective colons.

Does this surgery generally involve a temp stoma then a reconnect or is it wham bam thanks for everything?

Any any any insight and advice is appreciated. I am delighted that this place is here. While I'm not an advocacy type about anything, really, I think the similarity in name between IBD and IBS, and the massive surge in claimed but undiagnosed celiac has sort of diluted the reality of crohns where its considered an upset tummy by many folks. Here, folks know better.


(Bathroomfacts are what I would tell my boys when they were little , getting huge laughs at bedtime with standard lines like, "The definition of terd is a small piece of poop". My adult boys still laugh and my wife still cringes)
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I haven't had the surgery, but just wanted to welcome you to the forum. It's good to see that your sense of humour is still intact. I'm at a point where I don't tell anyone I have Crohn's, because of the insensitive and rude comments I have gotten. People don't have a clue about how sick I've been. I hope the Humira works for you, Remicade has been a game changer for me.
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Welcome to the forum. No experience with surgery but want to welcome you. You may want to visit the surgery forum.
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