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Just wondering

just got back from the dr. im having an active flare up... tummy cramps bloody stool and fever for almost a week.... he could hardly hear any bowel sounds.. how concerned should I be???? my affected area is my ileum....
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Hello feelingblah. Welcome to the forum. I am sorry you are having a flare up. Would you like to share what are your current medications? What is your GI plan to get you back in remission?
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steroids and pentasa... he is gonna do another scope at the end of the month.
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I have had crohns for 3yrs and I have been pretty good up til the last week. without meds!!!!!!!! the pills make me feel sicker. any ideas about hardly having bowel sounds?
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Steroids can make you feel pretty crummy while they do their job. Hopefully they do their job though and you start feeling better.
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Welcome to the community. In my opinion, you may want to discuss going on a stronger medication than Pentasa with your doctor considering your symptoms.

I wish you well.
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