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How many are on disability because of crohn's

I am worried about being able to keep my job. I sometimes get an attack out of nowhere and I have to stop whatever I am doing in pain and wait for it to calm down. I have had so many appointments.... all have doctor excuses, but I am afraid my job is going to get tired of and find someone new to replace me. Working this way seems impossible
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I honestly worked for 12 years with the worst flare ups. Sometimes I would be in the middle of drawing a patients blood and I would be in so much pain, and I would honestly not be able to get to the bathroom and I would have an accident. I just recently decided enough was enough I can't do it anymore, and stopped working at the end of February. It has been a fight to get my long term disability from my work. I'm currently still waiting for a payment. If it's that bad I wouldn't continue to work because in the long run your only hurting yourself as much as we don't want to believe that we are irreplaceable the fact is we all are. Take care of yourself and if staying at home is going to make you feel better then I would do it.
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I was on disability for a bit. Can you take a leave of absence?
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