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Anyone taking 6 mp and humira?

Hi everyone,
I just started 6-mp about three weeks ago. I started off at 25 mg. for 1.5 weeks and then upped the dose to 50 mg. In addition to that I have been on humira on and off for about 5 years. I am taking the humira once every 10 days. My biggest symptom is a severe lack of appetite. It is horrible. I force feed a lot.
I am not really noticing any incredible difference since starting the 6 mp but I know it can take about three months until it builds up in your system. I wonder if I can go up to 75 mg. if the 50 mg. dose doesn't work? Anyhow, I am so scared to be on two powerful drugs. Is anyone else on this combo and if so how are you doing? Just looking for some support and encouragement. Thanks so much
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Hi Tikell,

I'm actually on Humira, Azathioprine (6mp) and Allopurinol. I share your concern about being on multiple medications. I haven't noticed the same degree of appetite suppression you talk about but maybe a mild case for me. I can go several hours without eating sometimes and never get hungry.

I would be patient with the 6mp and not rush to increase the dose. It does take about 3 months to achieve full effect. Out of curiosity why did your doctor add 6mp?

I had been on Humira for over a year even increased my dose to every 7 days and it didn't fully get me into remission so I added azathioprine to the mix. I hope you get better soon.
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hi there,
Sorry for the delay in responding. So far, I have noticed no difference since starting the 6-mp. In fact, I feel worse. Having more loose bowels and I am losing more hair than normal. I am starting to experience some bad side effects that I believe are from the skin on my fingers and feet is starting to tingle and also the sides of my face. I have been on humira for years and I casually asked my doctor why didn't try me on 6-mp before putting me on humira and he said "well, let's get you started on 6-mp too". Anyhow, two weeks ago I was to Stanford and the saw a gastro doc there and she said I have to get off the humira asap and also wants me to have a small bowel follow through and an colonoscopy. I have never had a SBFT and it has been years since I had the colonoscopy. Stanford gastro doc said the SBFT should have been done a while ago to assess how much inflammation there is. Apparantely, the two MRI's I have had were not conclusive according to stanford because my hip replacements were obsuring some of the intestines. SO, anyhow, my gastro doc for the past 25 years has not been on top of it. grrrrrrrrr
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Ds has been on humira and mtx for over a year with few side effects.
It takes time to kick in though
DS dx at age 7 Crohns
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Mtx 12.5 mg -due to juvenile spondyloarthritis associated inflammatory bowel disease

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Aka MLP....

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