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Feel alone...

Sorry but I really need to vent.
So I've been in an active flare for a year now and am now on day 3 of modulen ibd... and my god is it hard.

It might just be me but I have never felt so alone!!
I have my boyfriend of 6 years at home and he is wonderful but he just doesnt really get it, and its not his fault I know that I just had trying to explain how I feel and it not being able to put it into words of that makes sense.
Its like I have no one to talk to that understands how this is affecting me and only recently is it starting to hit home that I actually have crohns and need help :'(
I feel so low and cry all the time I know i sound like a drama queen but god I just feel emotional and alone
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Don't be so sad...we are all here to help and listen. This disease can be emotionally draining and tough. Let it out here. We don't mind.

Maybe tell your boyfriend what you need from him like when you tell him a key word or phrase that means you need him to just cuddle and comfort you. He may not be able to understand the disease but maybe an action you need from him at certain times. My husband is really good about just taking over household and cooking duties when I tell him I don't feel well. I will tell him sometimes I just feel so exhausted that I need to sleep all day so he will go get bed pillows and a fluffy blanket for me to lay on the couch. My husband needs specific actions that he can do so he feels helpful and I feel supported.
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Being diagnosed is a very big deal. It can take a long time to come to terms with it.
We go through a grieving process. And that's what it is, a process. It may take a year or so to work through it.

My GI clinic at the hospital has a psychiatrist who works in the clinic. You may find that helpful. My GI team is actually quite large (nutritionist, psychiatrist, psychiatrist, GI doctor, dermatologist, and supportive family and friends)

I met (on line and in person) a lot of amazing people living well with this disease. I'm sure you will do well.
But for now, be kind to yourself.

We are hear for you. Sending you my support.

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Hi Kimbo vent away , this is the right place for it , everyone here feels that way every now and then , hope you feel better soon .
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Hang in there. After four years, I still get days like that. Life is not fair. This is what we got. But you discover what a tough person you really are. Try to enjoy the small things in your life each day. It gets better.
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Hang in there girl, I feel for you!

Crohn's is tough, and Modulen does not make forgetting about it any easier I must say. Don't feel bad at all for venting here, often you might actually be indirectly helping someone. I know I feel a little solace when I know there's someone who knows exactly what I've been through, it's comforting to know I'm not the only one out there.

I hope the Modulen helps you out, and if you don't already know; try pre-mixing the whole days worth the night prior and refrigerating. It tastes worlds better.

Hope you feel better soon!

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