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3-Curcumin Complex to fight inflammation and colon cancer...

Prolonged biologically active colonic tissue levels of curcumin achieved after oral administration - a clinical pilot study including assessment of patient acceptability:

Combining curcumin (C3-complex, Sabinsa) with standard care FOLFOX chemotherapy in patients with inoperable colorectal cancer (CUFOX): study protocol for a randomised control trial:

dr Lynn Howells from the UK has been working for several years on curcumin and colon cancer. I watched her in an interview in the Food Hospital and she explained and showed with microscope how cancer cells decrease when curcumin is introduced. that was quite impressive. so Ive researched her scientific articles to find the dosage she is studying for colon cancer patients and what kind of curcumin exactly. it seems the 3 curcumin complex is what to aim for. I didnt find Sabinsa at the health food store, but I found ''NOW Curcumin complex'' which is basically the same as Sabinsa. Ive been taking curcumin for quite some time now, but from another brand (not 3 complex) and with much lower dosage (600mg daily) than what seems to be targeted/therapeutic (above 1,8 g daily).

the 3C complex in NOW:
curcumine 492mg
demethoxycurcumin 118mg
bisdemethoxycurcumine 20mg

the NOW capsules total 665mg so I'll be taking 3 capsules daily. this comes to about 45$ monthly (less expensive than most brands). I find it quite reassuring that curcumin has been found in colon biopsies after oral administration. we ear so often about its poor biodisponiblity... hoping to see some results in my arthritis.
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I was wondering what the regular turmeric spice would provide over an extract like this, as far as curcuminoids? do you know? just wondering if there is that big of a difference.
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we would have to eat very large amount of tumeric root or powder in order to get the same amount of curcuminoids found in the supplements. Im still eating some fresh tumeric root in my cooked vegetables (but decreased lately), but there is a limit to the amount I can eat and masticate, mostly because I dont want my teeth to turn yellow or orange!!! tumeric stains a lot, the teeth, fingers, counter, towel, everything ...its really annoying to prepare.
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I have just found a link in youtube about the tumeric report in that episode of the Food Hospital. Its at about 20min. and second part is later in the episode at about 33minutes. Interview with Dr Howells.
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Turmeric does weird things to my stomach, I might ttry curcumin though
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''The Role of Curcumin in Modulating Colonic Microbiota During Colitis and Colon Cancer Prevention'', 2015:

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