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D Bergy
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H-Pylori update

I recently had an experience with treating H-Pylori that changes my view on the bacterium and its involvement with my Crohn's disease.

I knew H-Pylori was one of the four pathogens that increased the symptoms of the disease in my case but thought it was likely a minor player as it is so common in the general population.

Originally, I treated this years ago using Rife frequency treatments, for infection in my Stomach. once it gets into this part of my body it causes nausea, pain that cannot be ignored.

I treated it solely with one frequency, as it brought immediate relief as I ran it. 676 Hz killed it pretty quickly. I ran the frequency for ten minutes a day for about a week to get rid of it in my stomach. That was several years ago and I have had no re-occurrence of those symptoms since then.

I was discussing this treatment with another member and I mentioned that the Stomach is a particularly hostile environment for any pathogen, and it was likely that it might not die so easily in another part of the body. This discussion made me realize I had never really tested that hypothesis by running the frequency for a longer time than ten minutes.

I decided to test this out so I proceeded to run the 676 Hz frequency for twenty minutes, not really expecting anything to happen since I have run it a few times at ten minutes more recently.

About fourteen hours later I was severely inflamed in what felt like my entire intestinal tract. I was in pain and nauseated enough that I had to leave work early. I had several bowel movements in the duration and thought I had either got a stomach virus or had got a dose of E-Coli from something I ate. I actually had forgot I even ran the frequency since I am testing or treating for various things using the machine at any given time.

The symptoms were too unusual to really attribute to either the flu or E-Coli infection. I have had both of those a few times before, so I am quite familiar with the symptoms. The symptoms of this flare was quite different as when I drank water it felt like I was drinking Draino. It burned all the way down. That is not something I have had happen ever, not even in my worst flare.

I did eventually recall that I had ran that frequency earlier and also recovered from the flare it caused for the most part within twenty four hours.

I decided I would have to run it again, if for no other reason, to make sure that is what caused the flare. I waited a couple of days to fully recover from the first episode.

I ran the 676 Hz frequency again and had a lesser reaction, but similar to the first. This was what I would have expected as I should have killed a good share the first time out. Actually, I killed way too much at one time. In my defense, I had no clue that it was possible or even likely that the bacterium could cause such a ruckus in the intestines, given the relief I had in my Stomach from the shorter run of the same frequency years earlier.

In retrospect, I was using a less powerful machine in the earlier treatment, and the run time was half of the recent treatment.

Up until this last treatment, I really did not have any symptoms to speak of. I have had my ileum and the valve with it removed in a prior surgery so what a normal bowel movement should look like is difficult to gauge given the missing parts. The frequency treatments for all four pathogens seems to have kept me symptom free as far as i am able to discern.

One thing that did bother me somewhat was that I still had some mucus in my stool. Not a lot like before, but there always is some there. I can easily see it as I take Turmeric daily, and it stains the mucus orange.

After treating for several days more for the H-Pylori I have no mucus whatsoever. It is completely gone. I have had a lot of mucus in the past when really flared, I have had a lesser amount in more recent times, but I have never had no mucus since I was diagnosed and had it for many years off and on before diagnosis.

My conclusion from this experiment and result is that H-Pylori is a bigger factor in my Crohn's inflammation than I previously thought.

Reduction or elimination of the bacterium has a substantial positive effect on inflammation which results in far less mucus shedding.

It also reaffirms my suspicion that inflammation is the direct cause of mucus shedding.

It reaffirms my suspicion that there is more than one pathogen that is responsible for my symptoms.

Treatment for H-Pylori should be done more gradually. It is not desirable to kill too much at one time. It produced one nasty flare that I would not care to repeat, although without that experience I would not have learned as much from the treatment.

The experiment points out that even with an experienced user of this method, there are always risks involved.

One troubling observation is that at no time did I develop a fever. I never developed a fever when treating MAP or E-Coli either. If my body was attempting to kill any of these bacterium, by killing some of it artificially, I would think a fever should result. Possibly, my body has either never had an effective defense again any of these, or it has adapted itself to try live with it the best it can?

Why inflammation and no fever? That leads me back to why is my immune system different than a normal persons? Still don't have an answer to that question. It appears I can reduce the pathogens that cause symptoms without too much difficulty, but as far as I can tell, none of these pathogens are responsible for the immune system dysfunction.

An actual cure would have to resolve the immune system problem. I guess i am content being without symptoms, but as any of the pathogens I have identified, and treated for, are easily re-acquired it means I will always have to treat periodically to make sure they do not re-establish themselves.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.
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D Bergy
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Another result from my continued treatment of H-Pylori is the reduction of bowel movements as gauged by my own watermelon test.

For whatever reason, watermelon would go through me in under two hours, whenever I ate it. It is an easy test because the seeds always come through undigested, and a good share of the watermelon itself.

Now, it is twenty four hours or greater before the seeds come through. No undigested watermelon either.

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That was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
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Another result from my continued treatment of H-Pylori is the reduction of bowel movements as gauged by my own watermelon test.

For whatever reason, watermelon would go through me in under two hours, whenever I ate it. It is an easy test because the seeds always come through undigested, and a good share of the watermelon itself.

Now, it is twenty four hours or greater before the seeds come through. No undigested watermelon either.

hi could you tell me how you came from 2 hours to over 24?
wha treatment did you do to eradicte h pylori?
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D Bergy
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I am using the same treatment I have used to treat my wife's Lyme disease and coinfections since 2007. It brought her back to normal, although she still has Lyme and possibly Bartonella. Both are reduced enough not to cause her much in the way of symptoms. I did eliminate Babesia early on.

The treatment method itself consists of running specific frequencies that disturb, damage or out right destroy the particular pathogen you are targeting. The method itself was invented in the 1930's by Royal Rife.

In the case of H-Pylori,one of the most effective frequencies for myself is 676 Hertz. The frequency damages the pathogen enough where it can be reduced fairly quickly. I had similar results treating MAP, using specific frequencies for that pathogen, although that seems even easier to reduce.

Using the experimental treatment is not particularly difficult. You need the equipment or access to someone else who has the equipment. You need to use exactly the correct frequencies, with the correct wave form.

I use the GB-4000 with the MOPA transmitter. You can Google it for info. There are U-Tube videos,on how to use it.

If anyone tries this, I would not buy a machine right off. They are expensive, and you want some proof it is going to help you before spending a lot of money.

These are around in most places if you ask the right people. Some Chiropractors have them or know someone who has one. Local Lyme disease groups may know as it is often enough used to treat the disease.

It is experimental and generally thought of as a quack treatment. I have found not only is it a very effective way to kill certain pathogens, but it often is the most effective way of doing it. Especially for slow reproducing pathogens, such as MAP. Very difficult to kill with antibiotics because of the slow reproduction. You also have the additional problem of resistance and antibiotics only work where a good blood supply can get to the bacterium.

Read my recent Hidradenitis experiment, as it also involves H-Pylori. Looks promising so far, but it is too early to know anything for certain.


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