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Crohns and antibiotics

Hi everyone,

Need somw advice from those with experience taking antibiotics with crohns. I have a throat/chest infection and my doctor gave me antibiotics (he said I should have 250mg amoxicillin as 500mg may upset my crohns)
I am very cautious to take them as I dont want to make my crohns flare up through trying to tackle my throat/chest infection. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice they xan give, please.
Thank you in advance!
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There is actually a new therapy that uses antibiotics to get rid of crohn's but I know from experience that when I was younger, I was given antibiotics for a sore throat and that allowed map to infect me.
I would recommend to take probiotics, everyday, even when you are finished the antibiotic protocol. This will make sure that your already disrupted gut flora will have some good guys on its side as alot will be wiped from the antibiotics.
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avoid amoxicillin and any antibiotic that has a risk of antibiotic associated diarrhea. There have been 4 studies linking antibiotics to increasing risk of crohn's disease/IBD. One study suggests it can cause IBD.
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Moansandcrohns! Moansandcrohns! Moansandcrohns! What a brilliant username. I laughed so much I almost peed my pants!

I suggest taking a daily course (say three months) of live probiotics afterwards. And perhaps even ongoing permanently!

Or maybe even take during and afterwards.

Last time I took antibiotics, I had a terrible flare that took ages to bring under control.

That was quite a few years ago now; before I learnt the importance of replenishing good gut flora, that is destroyed by antibiotics.

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