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Confused, Feel Fine

Hi - I have just had a colonoscopy which revealed inflammation of the ileum, and contiguously in another location (cannot remember where precisely.) My GI said that this is indicative of Crohns disease, and that the contiguous inflammation was indicative of colitis. Now, maybe someone can help me with my confusion from their own experiences. I have had this sudden onset of loose stools and quite a bit of bleeding. Other than that, I feel very strong and active - I am a competitive bodybuilder, 230+ lbs in offseason. Should I expect to deteriorate quickly as I live longer with this disease (if I am diagnosed - lab results in a week.)? Can anyone describe a typical progression if treated properly?
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Hi and welcome.

In short...NO. You won't necessarily deteriorate. Personally know people with Crohn's that are doing very well and living full lives.

I was dx young with severe Crohn's. I've always been active. (Gym, hockey, cycling, golf)

I'm a firm believer in living the life you choose. The treatment options are better today than when I was dx.

Sending you my support.
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