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Fistula and c section

I am five weeks pregnant. I had a massive flare a year and a half ago which landed me with a terrible fistula. I have had seton drains since then. My crohns has been pretty under control but the fistula has not closed. My doctor is very set on a c-section. I totally see why, but I'm also wondering if I have any hope at a vaginal delivery. I successfully gave birth vaginally before but of course that was before the fistula. I'm kind of terrified of a c section. Also terrified that it will make the crohns worse with all the moving around of organs in there. Any thoughts?
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Hello, first of all congratulations on the pregnancy.
I don't have any experience with vaginal delivery but had my daughter 12 weeks ago by c section and I have crohns. I recovered really quickly from the surgery which I was really surprised at and I so far haven't noticed that it has any affect on my disease. Although I have been mildly flaring but I think that was down to not being on any medication during the pregnancy and managed to get away without anything for about 8 weeks after.
Each option has its risks I think it's just weighing up what is the lowest risk for you I would speak to your GI about it more and get their view on both. I spoke to my GI and midwife a lot before setting c section as the safest option for me.
Hope morning sickness isn't rearing its ugly head and that you have a happy healthy pregnancy
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