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Diagnosed at 7

hello everyone. My name is Hollie for anyone curious. I was diagnosed at 7 years old towards the end of my first grade year. I'm 17 now and almost 10 years later I can definitely say that this is one hell of a disease.

I've had everything from a small surgery and G-tube to Colostomy bag. I have ulcers in the lining of my intestines and 3 to 4 abscesses on my bottom. they are healed at the moment thanks to my recent decision to get my ostomy.

some of the medicines I have taken include; Flagyl, Thalidomide, Remicade, Humira, Cipro, Xifaxin, and im sure there are more that I cant recall. too many to count. please message me if you are having a rough time or have any questions. im going to add more to my story and more in depth but i just registered so I'll wait to go full Oprah.
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Hi Hollie and welcome.

Sorry to hear you been dealing with this from such a young age.

Sending you my support.
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Hi Hollie!
Currently on: Colazal, Prilosec, multi-vitamin, probiotics, total EFA's, glucosamine.

Previous meds: Sulfasalazine, Asacol, Rowasa, Pentasa, Entocort.

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hi welcome to the forum
Ds was dx at age 7 as well
He is 11 now
DS dx at age 7 Crohns
Humira 40 mg every 10 days
Mtx 12.5 mg -due to juvenile spondyloarthritis associated inflammatory bowel disease

Vsl#3ds iron Zantac folic acid

Aka MLP....

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