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On the Crohn's train and I want off!!

Here is my story......I had my son July 2014. In September I started having diarrhea several times a day. End of October I had a colposcopy and learned I had H. pylori. Took the medicine and got better. Around June of this year I started getting these weird symptoms. I chalked it off to being my anxiety. It seems as my head was in this constant fog and I could not think straight. I was even getting lightheaded. The worse would come usually at night about 30 minutes after eating. I would get these cold chills and shakes. All I wanted to do is get as low to the ground as I could. It was not until one day that I had a bowl movement and felt instant relief that I realized that it was not my anxiety. I immediately made an appointment with my GI. After having numerous test done I was diagnosed with Crohns. I hate the fact that I have this disease but it feels good to have an answer. I am currently taking 2 500mg of Pentsas twice a day. It has improved my symptoms a little. The one thing I am having trouble handling is the lightheadedness. My doctor wants to do a genetic test to see how aggressive he needs to be treating the Crohns. Has anyone else had this done? I'm so glad I found this forum because I have so many questions and don't know where to start.
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Hi, welcome to the forum!
Currently on: Colazal, Prilosec, multi-vitamin, probiotics, total EFA's, glucosamine.

Previous meds: Sulfasalazine, Asacol, Rowasa, Pentasa, Entocort.

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Sorry to hear about the diagnosis--though I understand how having a diagnosis can be a relief. When I was first diagnosed I took Pentasa and it worked well for me. I had to take it 4 times a day though. Hope you find all the answers you are looking for. Welcome!
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Hi and welcome!

sorry to hear about your diagnosis. At least you wi have some support through the forum and meds. I took pentasa 4 times daily from 2010-2012 but unfortunately became ineffective. Switched to Imuran and it worked till recently. Now I just started remicade in conjunction with Imuran and thinking this will work for a while. I know for me anxiety is a big trigger. For me, controlling my anxiety is just as important as going to my remicade infusions. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Iv had crohns 6 years now or at least diagnosed and gone through a fair amount of meds. Best of luck and don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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Ds is getting genetic testing since he was dx at such a young age(7)
He did start with pentasa as well.
It did nothing for him so he moved on to 6-mp

If you just had a baby last year
Make sure they check your thyroid as well
That can cause head fog and tends to happen about a year out from giving birth
Good luck
DS dx at age 7 Crohns
Humira 40 mg every 10 days
Mtx 12.5 mg -due to juvenile spondyloarthritis associated inflammatory bowel disease

Vsl#3ds iron Zantac folic acid

Aka MLP....
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Thanks everyone. I appreciate the warm welcoming and support.


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