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Weakness from c dif, ibs, Crohn's? I am new.

So, I have had C dif for several months. IBS before that. Dental antibiotics for two months is what prompted the C dif, or so I have been told. After three rounds of antibiotics for c dif, I am eating again and stool is almost solid. I am two months better, but I can't work due to how weak I am. My skin hurts. I don't know if I am weak from condition that started all this or what. I see gut doc next week. So, I have been told I have IBS. I usually feel yucky after eating, sometimes no matter what--especially carbs. I was a strong woman. Ranch work no problem. Now, just to walk around the ranch, is too much. I would do fecal transplant. I am too tired to make it happen. Would love feedback, mostly to offer any explanation as to where the weakness comes from and what the suggested courses of action to get better. I take probiotics now for two weeks. Thanks.
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Hi and welcome.

Sorry you're dealing with this. I know how debilitating the fatigue alone can be.
If it turns out to be inflammatory bowel disease proper treatment should help with the fatigue.

Sending you my support.
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Hi Kimberly, I also suffered from c diff for taking antibiotics for 2 years and I have recently been diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis as well. For the c diff, I could hardly eat but you can try to have really bland stuff like yogurt, Gatorade, rice etc. With the c diff I was also really weak and was exhausted doing anything and the pain that came with it was over bearing. Has the doctor tried putting you on any meds? I know Flagyl sometimes makes the diarrhea worse so my doctor had put me on a 10 day course of Vancomycin along with VSL #3 probiotic. I remember feeling like I would never feel better but after a couple days on those meds I felt SO much better. Vancomycin is a very expensive medication but if you have good insurance or want to feel better way faster I would recommend that. VSL #3 is usually not covered by insurance but they have it pretty much anywhere, it's over the counter but you need to ask the pharmacist for it since it needs to be refrigerated. I hope you start feeling better soon, I've been there and know that it is no fun

Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Weakness from c dif, ibs, Crohn's? I am new.
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