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Low Carb Diet for Crohn's

Here is a link to the chapter from "Life without bread" in which the author, an Austrian doctor shows how low carb diet is good for treating digestive illnesses. He also states his experience with Crohn's disease with very incouraging results. I guess the diet is similar to SCd, but with much lower carbs, as SCD allows no carb limit but only forbids certain carbs like starches and sugars. I guess for my case since I'm already underweight, SCD makes more sense. But the 2 approaches seem similar in their way of thinking especially regaring eliminating starches and sugar.

"103 patients suffering from Crohn's disease were treated by a low-carbohydrate diet. After a quarter of year most patients (85 percent) showed remarkable improvement in their health. After half a year, more than 60 percent were asymptomatic, after one year more than 70 percent and after one and a half year about 85 percent. This is in contrast with ulcerose colitis, which Is shown in the lowest line, improvement of which runs much slowlier on the same diet and often is interrupted by relapses.

Crohn's disease generally thought of being incurable can so be shown to be very well accessable to dietary measures. "

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Thanks for the link. I'm a firm believer in the logic behind these diets. Although I've never strictly followed them, I have cut back significantly on sugars and breads and have noticed improvement.

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I don't want to read this I like my carbs
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I love carbs too, they do hurt though so I;m thinking reduction is good, not sure about elimination though.

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