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55y w/BAM & miserable

Does anyone have any suggestions for aids to help with the BAM?
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Hi and welcome.

What is BAM?
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BAM = Bile Acid Malabsorption. Causes constant diarrhea.
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Has the doctor not prescribed anything? I have this and was given some Cholestyramine, which I couldn't tolerate so now waiting to see what else I can have . There are tablets the doctor can perscribe, I can't get them as I'm not in the right catchment area. Hope you can get things sorted, and your doctor can help.

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Hi WhoKnew? and welcome.

As Crohns11 has suggested there is a powder called Questran (Cholestyramine) available on prescription. It is also available in tablet form called Welchol. This does work well for many sufferers of BAM.

Others use medication like Imodium and Lomotil, they are both tablets, but these types of meds normally arenít recommended as long term solutions if using on a daily basis.

My own children have issues with BAM following ileal resection. My daughter tried Questran and it worked well but she didnít like the texture. She was 14 at the time so this may have played a part in how she handled taking it. Some time later she did happen upon natural psyllium husks, the type you by in the supermarket, and this works very well both for her and my son. Psyllium is the main ingredient of products such as Metamucil and this can be used as well. It does take some fiddling to hit on the right amount and when using this type product and Questran there are time restrictions as to when you can take other medication. Both Questran and psyllium work by binding to the bile salts in the ileum. This then bulks up the stool as it inhibits the bile salts from being dumped into the large bowel where left unhindered they draw water back into the bowel causing loose watery motions.

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