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Bad flare up

hello all,

I am 26 and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 15. I took asacol for a long time until they decided to stop making it for whatever reason so I switched to delzicol and it worked just fine. As time went on I started running into money problems and heard that I could mail order asacol again. so I did that and it seems to work for about 3 months then sent me right to the hospital. The hospital pretty much did nothing for me besides give me steroids call pretnozone. which it helped heal me. I recently just got off of them and here I am again same position, bleeding every bowl movement and what not. so I switched back to the delzocol about a couple days ago and it still doesn't seem to be working. It was working fine the last time I had been taking it so I don't know what the issue is now and im no position to go back to the er to pay another 700-800. Should I just give the delzocol more time to work maybe? Is it possible that switching to another drug made the original drug that DID work for years not work anymore? im so confused and im honestly sick of going to the dr for nothing. someone give me some advice. Also diet has never been and issue what so ever I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and I was perfectly fine. The switch to asacol hd caused all of this.
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Hi, welcome to the forum. It sounds like you're in a pretty rough flare for sure. Delzicol (and Asacol as well) is a mild drug, and is mainly used for maintenance of remission as opposed to getting a flare under control. You may have been in remission before and that's why it worked so well, but now that you're flaring it likely isn't doing enough. It sounds like you need stronger meds to get the flare under control. You mentioned having to pay a lot for an ER visit - I presume you're in the US? Do you have insurance? Do you have a GI doctor? If you have a GI, can you call them and let them know the situation? Some of the stronger drugs are very expensive, but most of them also have discount plans (for example, if your doctor prescribes Humira, there is a plan where you can get it for $5 per week or something along those lines). If you're not able to go to the ER due to cost, is there possibly a free clinic near you where they could at least take a look at you?

For what it's worth, I also was on regular Asacol until they decided to stop making it, and Asacol HD didn't work for me either (my body wasn't able to break down those big tablets, so it was just going through me undigested) and I also flared up at that time. For me, having to switch medication definitely was the culprit in my flare-up, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the cause for you too. I hope you can find a stronger med to get things under control and feel better again.

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