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Doctor Recommendation Raleigh NC area?

Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum for this. I looked them over and really wasn't sure where it should go.

I recently moved to Raleigh, NC and had a partial bowel obstruction resulting in my first hospitalization in probably almost a couple decades. After a partial bowel resection at age 15 I went all the way to about 35 without any medication, controlling my disease with diet and was in such a state of remission that I actually managed to join the Marine Corps and go through a 4 year enlistment without issue.

However, about 2 years ago I started having problems again, and my doctor in MA put me on budesonide, which got me nicely under control. He tapered me from 9mg to 3mg. When I moved I ran out of meds and tried to go back to controlling it with diet and failed miserably this go around.

I think the docs would term my disease as 'moderate to severe' whereas I would say 'mild to moderate'. I do have pain, but it is mild and responds well to medication. On my current dose of budesonide I do not fear ending up back in the hospital. The problem is the two docs down here say I can't stay on budesonide long term and are sharpening their Humira needles and are all but cramming it in my veins for me.

I simply do not believe my condition is worth the risk of cancer, especially HSTCL, no matter how miinute the risk. When I was 15 I was bad and I would have risked it. Now, I would feel stupid on an epic level if a treatment I accepted, knowing the risk, resulted in a lymphoma all to rid myself of some minor pain.

So, my long winded question is: are there any good doctors in the area open to treating without immune suppressors or biologics?

Crohn's Disease Forum » Support Forum » Doctor Recommendation Raleigh NC area?
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