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New to forum not to crohns

Hi I was diagnosed with Crohns 38 years ago the last 20 years have been controlled and I take no medication.

In the early years I was very poorly and suffered fistulas regularly which on one occasion resulted in a operation.

Over the last 6 months I have now started suffering from UTI (water infections) that wont clear up they are sending me for a ultra sound scan but was told that it might be the Crohns causing the problem.

anyone else had or being treated for this?

would love to hear your experiences

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Hello and welcome to the forum.I have started to notice a change in my water works lately, but haven't had it investigated yet.I 've enough going on at the moment.
I think it's quite common though, so I expect someone will be along soon to help.
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Welcome to the forum!

I had a deep pelvic abscess with widespread pelvic inflammation that caused issues for my bladder.

I don't have fistulising disease but I imagine that a fistula connected to your bladder could be a possible cause of recurrent UTIs. Have you had any other imaging of your bowel done recently?
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