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Hi guys I'm new to this so please bare with me il try and keep it short and sweet

I'm 23 , female and from kent in the UK

2 years ago I had a peri anal abscess removed
2 years on I have have had a seton stitch put in three days ago

But just as my luck has it they now think I may have Crohn's disease .....

I am currently awaiting test results

However I am in absolute agony with stomach cramps I have been told the results will take up to two weeks but there is no way I can carry on with this pain with no help other than bloody paracetamol ! In too scared to take any pain killers with codeine in as I ended up constipated in hospital after my op which wasn't fun .

Cutting it short I feel nauseas constantly , I can't eat anything at all and I'm double up in agony with stomach cramps

I'm really low and I just don't know what to do

Please does anyone have any advice for me as I can't continue as i am my life has come to a complete stop unable to leave my house due to the nausea and pain .

Pleas help
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Sorry to hear this, Sophie.

I would see if you can get a doctor to give you anything for the pain while you wait for the test results.

I would also try to rest your bowels from food. Maybe try drinks such as Ensure or Boost (not sure if they are the same brands in the UK?). When I was first diagnosed and REALLY sick, the BART diet was suggested to me (Bananas, Apple Sauce, Rice, Toast) - not sure if there is anything to that particular combo, but they didn't seem to bother me much.
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Don't be in pain. Can you not add some prune juice or lactalose so you don't get constipated. Agree with above. Try and eat lightly. Watery soups and lots of fluids. Feel better soon.
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If its unbearable I suggest going to the A & E (emergency department ) to make sure nothing else is going on. Don't suffer.
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Aw Sophie 23, sorry your suffering so, if it is Crohns paracetamol won't touch it hun. You do really need to see your doc or a&e if need be.you needed something stronger to help with the pain and don't let them deny you relief, stand your ground till you get relief,it's not them suffering it's you (unfortunately). Best wishes Mandy
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I agree with everyone above. i also drink an aloe drink once a day. You can get it at a vitamin shop. I am not a huge holistic medicine guy but it really calms my cramping down. Good luck and hoping for the best!

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